The four major reasons for tank damage

Poor quality of tank lining

Inadequate thickness

Not cleaned regularly

Stray current perforates the tank

What is the “Tank Cleaning and Manned Entry UST Inspection Service”?

Water and microorganisms in petroleum will form sludge under chemical reaction. These substances interact in the fuel tank for a long time, which corrodes the tank, causes corrosion, perforation, blockage of the pipeline, failure of the pumping motor, and even curtail the life of fuel dispenser!

In addition, the surrounding environment of the gas station may affect the tank, such as the install location or public facilities.

The “Tank Cleaning and Manned Entry UST Inspection Service” uses UL-certified equipment and manual inspection to provide the most complete service for your tank.

Besides underground fuel tank, we can also meet the needs of barrel and chemical tank cleaning in various industries. Regular inspections ensure your safety at work and avoid contamination losses from fuel tanks or storage tanks!

Why GGET is your best choice

The most experienced team of underground storage tank construction in Taiwan.

Technicians with national professional licenses.

UL level testing equipment.

Cleaning and truly showing your tank condition.

The safest construction which follow the legal standard declaration.

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