Old house will need to be renovated, let alone an old fuel tank.

The features of the highly risky tank

Being used more than 15 years.
Nearby railway, wire pole, or high voltage cable.
Located in coastal area or groundwater area.
Did not inspect regularly.

Why do we need Tank Lining System?

Corrosion Protection and Leak Prevention

Tank lining system is designed for corrosion protection and leak prevention and is typically used to protect storage tanks against continuous or intermittent chemical attack and degradation, which helps you save millions of renovating cost.

Sustainable operation

The most important way of running a gas station permanently is preventing pollution. Tank lining is your best choice.

3. What is Tank Lining

Tank Lining is an easy, cost-effective alternative when a tank needs secondary containment, and removing the original tank and installing a new one is impossible or cost-prohibitive.
Tank Lining is constructing a new tank inside the original tank.

4. Why GGET is your best choice?

since 2009

Tank Lining Experience since 2009


Completed more than 1000 tanks in 2019

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