Product Advantages

The age of the tank return to zero

In accordance with the definition of “update” in the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the tank age is zero after completion.

Authoritative certification

UL-listed (MH45077)

No need to excavate

Greatly reduce the cost of replacing the tank and not affect the surrounding environment.

Continuous Leak Detection

Tank monitoring system is able to monitor both walls of the tank, provide true continuous leak detection.

30-year warranty

30-year limited warranty.


Ethanol-blended fuels (E10, E15, E85), biodiesel fuels and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), current and future petroleum fuel.

24-hour, 360-degree Brine monitoring.

NO Leakage, NO Pollution!
Construction Process

Opening into the tank

★ able to open a tank without manhole ★

Tank cleaning


Hole repair

Pre-construction tank test

Make double-wall tank and 3D layer structure

QC test

Pressure and vacuum test

Establish a brine monitoring system

The Professional Team

Proficiency Quality Safety Attentive