Regular Monitoring

Submit the total amount control table to GGET monitoring team before the 8th of each month. We will sent it to our licensee who provides technologies and analyze the data.

Leak detection survey

If we find any abnormal fuel data in the monthly report, our experienced team will carry out an investigation and troubleshooting.

Computered tomography

Use computered tomography to detect fuel pipelines, unloading pipes and fuel tanks, to find the cause of the leakage.
Monitoring Process
Key Benefits
Leak detection

Using the most advanced monitoring mode for stock analysis to judge if the underground storage tank and pipeline system detected fuel losses as low as 190 c.c per hour.

Exclude error of the metrological strapping table

The incorrect tank strapping table often makes difficulty to know the real profit and loss and makes it hard to find the leak at the first time.

Meter drift analysis

From our monitoring experience, drifting meters is a primary cause of fuel loss. This discovery has helped the gas stations reduce hidden business losses.

Delivery validation

Delivery validation is an important part of our monitoring and analysis, which finds short deliveries and protects the rights and interests of gas station owners.

Unknown fuel loss survey

The owner can find the key reasons for the loss of oil through our information on the number of liters and dates of the oil loss.